The 27th season


Author: Arthur Saribekyan
Director: Arthur Saribekyan
Actors: Tatevik Mirzoyan, Vahagn Simonyan

This story is about man and woman. They have just married, but alcoholism is already destroying this young family. Addy- the husband, keeps stash secret from his wife Angle, in order to invite her somewhere hoping to change something. While Addy is thinking about changing the situation, Angle meets a strange advertising: “Painless hypnotizing with only local anesthetization. Godot – psychologist, hypnotist. Tel. 00 - 01 - 02 - 03”.
When Godot comes a passionate report starts. Angle wants to find out where Addy’s hid the money. Addy tries to resist, but it’s useless. Angel makes Godot to ask more questions. Addy gives out all his secrets…
But now Angle is under hypnosis. Though Addy loves Angle, he’s shocked and ready to kill his wife. Godot gets lost. Everything is known, and ther’s only one way for Godot- try to solve this problem with happy end …


Author: Svetlana Bartohova
Director: Arman Navasardyan

“Hey, Who’s There?” Chamber opera
Author: William Saroyan
Composer: Eduard Sadoyan
Stage director: David Hakobyan
Ballet master: Lilith Mirzoyan
Stage designer - Mary Areyan

The young man is put into prison for rape by a false evidence. The boy is not indifferent to Ketty, a girl working in the prison and he suggests her to escape to San Francisco. The girl agrees but she’s unable to free him. Ketty goes to fetch cigarette and returning she finds the guy on the verge of death. The boy begs her to leave for San Francisco, where he hopes to meet her once.
It is for audience above 10 years old.
The performance lasts 55 minutes.

The Life Passing By the Cage
Author: S. Kosyan
Director: D. Hakobyan
Music: M. Vardazaryan
Designer: N. Muradyan
Chich: Samvel Topalyan
Pochek: David Hakobyan
Joy: Mariam Davtyan
Owner: George Hovakimyan


The birds born in the cage suddenly get the freedom. Being accustomed to the lack of care and daily attention they found themselves in unusual situation trying to survive. The freedom is unexpected and full of danger. The sky is wonderful, but scary. Life gives them a chance of choice; the life in freedom or the in the cage?

“The orchestra “Titanic”
Author: Qristo Boychev


There are four people trying to survive on the abandoned station. They are homeless and their lives have stopped. The trains inspire them with hope, but run away to the big cities. Every day and everything is the same. The hopelessness is seemed to be endless, until the Illusionist appears. He changes their conception of life, make them believe, that there are better levels except the material world.